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Created: 2004-07-03 16:24:38
Game: unity
Faith: Barnabas


When the cycle of time moves on, and the age of the present becomes an age of the past, the very heavens themselves mark the newness of the age. The Zodiac. Ten constellations moving through the heavens like a wheel mark the passage of time, watch as time unfolds again and again and again beneath them.

To the untutored, the stars are constant and unmoving, however the truth is far different than that of the view of the layman. As the years go by, minute movements in the constellations can be observed, and the sign of the age can be determined. Upon the longest day, of each year within an age. When the learned sit down to wait for the light-bringer Intop to rise in the daily ritual of 'skana', a sight can be observed. High on the horizon can be seen the two bodies that orbit our world. To the north the small grey moon of Numi and to the south, the larger blue-tinted moon of Soma. Nestled between the two moons upon the solstice, low on the eastern horizon can be seen one of the ten constellations of the zodiac. As the ritual progresses the eastern skies start to become red and orange against the darkness that envelops the constellation. The stars start to glow magnificently bright until, in a climax of beauty, the top of the light-bringer passes his eye once again onto the world.

The constellation that can be seen during this ritual, only upon the longest day when Intopís power is greatest, changes as the ageís progress. As the cycle progresses the mannerisms of Intop are affected according to whichever sign is in dominance during the solstice.

The Phoenix

The sign of The Phoenix marks the first age of the cycle. It marks a time of rebirth and purity, when the good and evil of the past cycle are put to rest and, from the ashes of the past a new future is born. The fiery entrance of The Phoenix into the eastern horizon renews the sense of life and newborn urgency in Intop. At this time farmers often burn fields in destructive move that is designed to yield fresh life. A time to start over, all the pent up sins and virtues are cast off with the blaze and as the newborn bird shakes off the soot and ash, so do the freshly reborn spirits of the people awaken from the complicated, often-muddled existence invigorated and ready to write their own legacies.

The Phoenix

The Sword

The second age of the cycle is watched over by the sign of The Sword. It marks the beginnings of the Great War that has filled every cycle since the beginning of time. As The Phoenix matures, it is driven from its prominence by a new constellation in the south; The Sword brings with it the power and rage of the rebellious youth. The fire of the phoenix has renewed a love of living, but with that comes the conflicts of life itself-conflicts that are the sated only with the brutality and bloodshed that the naked sword showers upon villages. Tempers are quick to flare, and arguments often only have a one course of resolution.

The Sword

The Shield

The third age, the age of the Shield, counterparts the age of the sword, those who follow the zodiac will find this to be an age of glory in defensive battles. The Swordís reign is countered by the wisdom of The Shield taking form in the on the North-eastern horizon. The petulance of the youthful headlong charge into battle with nary a cause has been tempered by the veteran of many such occasion; warriors learn that picking the correct location and defenses for the battle are keys to victory. The shield not only provides relief from The Swordís vicious onslaught, but refines its natures and the image of the sheathed sword often accompanies depictions of the shield.

The Shield

The Poet

Next comes the age of the Poet, an age of originality. A time when a new perspective of the world is developed, and the problems of the present are uncovered. From behind the shield, the poet makes his appearance. With the temperance provided by the shield, artistry and beauty rise to the fore. Feasts and festivals reign supreme under this sigil, with ballads and tales furthering legends. Battles are still fought, but it is the bard, his words, and his pen that prove the true might lies in dictating where, when, and how the fighting is to take place.

The Poet

The Architect

After the age of the Poet, can be seen the age of the Architect, an age of testing and fixing and building, that which was found to be broken. A student of The Poet, the Architect speaks his verse not with his tongue, but his hands. His mark is that of the fantastic keeps, castles, and cathedrals; his innovations are aqueducts and flying buttresses. Surpassing the poet, his works are mute but unchanging; they stand far beyond his time with nary a variation as with the co-ordination of people and effort that is required to achieve them. This is an age where the collective effort of many sets a standard for many ages to come.

The Architect

The Knight

The sixth age, the age of the Knight is an age of honour. That which was fixed in the previous age is defended and protected. The wonders of the Architect were bought at a price; greed and vanity despoil the end of his time as rulers seek to continually make bigger, fancier structures to bespeak of the greatness of that leaders time for generations to come. Slavery and taxation are rampant, and it is only through the emergence of the Peasantís champion, The Knight, that honour is restored to the land. Righteous and selfless leaders are born under The Knight and the early works of the architect are returned to those whose labours spelled the construction in the first place.

The Knight

The Fallen Angel

However the seventh age sees a return to the betrayals of the past, as the Fallen Angel takes its position low upon the eastern horizon. An age where the honour built during the reign of the Knight is betrayed and chaos reigns supreme. As it is the nature of man to be unable to fulfill the perfection of his own concepts, the Fallen Angel lies in wait for its opportunity to supplant the Knight. This is the only constellation that can be seen to be rising and then fall back several times before rising quickly after exposing the flaws of the Knight. The shame of the Knight sees it quickly shrink from the sky and chaos reign down over the populace that idolized the much beloved figure.

The Fallen Angel

The Tidal Wave

The rule of chaos continues into the eighth age, the age of the Tidal Wave. Like its sign the forces of chaos are unrelenting in their war for dominance. The Fallen Angel has sowed the seeds of chaos and madness, with uprisings and revolts scarring the fabric of order. It is but a precursor for the true harbinger of chaos, the Tidal Wave enters as the Fallen Angel watches on its slow movement out of the sky. The land itself responds to the anguish of man and spreads the fires while adding to them floods and volcanoes that are in the image of the Wave. Unlike the Phoenix, this is not a cleansing destruction, but merely a period of brutality and hostility, a downward spiral of lost hope and broken promises.

The Tidal Wave

The Altar

As the cycle of time starts to approach its end and a new beginning, an age of magic arrives, watched over by the sign of the Altar. As the world rests on the edge of destruction, when all but the last vestiges of hope have been washed away by the Tidal wave, it comes crashing down upon the rising form of The Altar. Bastion of faith, the alter is a beacon of solidarity and leads people back to the wonders that are possible with belief. The vestiges of the receding chaos still mar the world, but the people know that they have someplace to hide as long as there is an altar and Intop to cling to.

The Alter

The Dragons Flame

The tenth age sees the end of an era, the last age of a cycle where the past is consumed by the Dragons Flame. An age that ends cataclysmically, in ashes. The revival of hope and faith awaken the slumbering giant of the skies, the Dragon. Rising up from under The Alter it is the great fire in the sky called the Dragonís Flame that threatens to rend the world asunder, but the faith of the world is great and from the devotion shown to the alter benevolence is born. The Dragonís Flame stills foreshadows the Great Cataclysm, but instead of destroying it, the dragon wipes the slate clean. With the passing of three great comets and subsequent meteor showers, the world is leveled, but not destroyed. As the Dragon again returns to its slumber the Phoenix can already be seen starting to rise.

The Dragons Flame

Niurin Banished


Niurin's screams carried of into eternity as he lost his control of his Host. He floated in nothingness struggling to contain the wholeness of a spirit now free of its body. Frantically he searched for a being weak enough to submit to his will, and strong enough to contain his power, but found nothing.

His awareness expanded free of the confines of mortality, touching the minds of the millions of life forms on the planet, he would search. Once day he would find another host, one that was as strong as Kaz had been. One that would chose to give his body to Intop's voice, or one who could not stop him.

It was the end. Thousands of years trapped inside hell with only the knowledge that he would one day be free once more to show the world the true power of Intop, seemed to have been for nought. He had returned, he had reigned and he had lost. It was over.

Over? Over is merely a word, and a word that cannot contain the will of fate. A word that by its very nature, only desribe an ending. But as the cycle of the ten constellations continues there will always be another beginning. The phoenix would one day take its place in the heavens. All he needed to do was bide his time, for as everyone knows, when the sun sets it always rises again.

Night cannot last forever.


GM: Voice
AGM: Echo
Squad Leader: High Priest
Full Member: Warrior Priest
Member: Priest
Newbie: Acolyte


This is the 3rd Age of the Phoenix


Fury of the Ten (TEN)

Rules to be followed

- Do not make an ass of yourself.
- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.
- Do not spam or post redundant messages.
- Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.
- Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethically offensive, or sexually related sites.

Ranks within TEN

1) Voice of Intop - The Voice of Intop is where the buck stops. He is responsible for all matters concerning the Cult of Intop. He is both the start and the end of all things TEN and as such his signs are those of the Phoenix and the Dragons Flame

2) Echo of Peace - The Echo of Peace is responsible for judging the moods of the followers of Soma and Numi. He is also responsible for judging the mood within the guild and ensuring that the bards keep writing. He has the power to distribute warnings to any priest of Intop who has allowed their personal bard to fall silent. Peace negotiations can only be made by The Voice or the Echo of Peace. His signs are the signs of the Poet and the Architect.

2) Echo of War - The Echo of War is responsible for advising the Voice and The High Priests about any matters relating to War, Scum and Sorcery. He is the link between the three High Priests and the Voice. He may speak for the Voice on any discussion of War declaration. Offensive war may not be instigated without the Voice, or the Echo of War. He is to find the balance between Honor and Chaos and as such his signs are those of the Knight and the Fallen Angel.

3) High Priest of Sunrise - The High Priest of Sunrise is responsible for maintaining the prayers to Intop. His sign is that of the Altar and has the final say on all matters relating to the sorcerous arts. He is expected to listen to advice from the Echo of War and to work in close contact with that Echo.

3) High Priest of Noon - The High Priest of Noon is responsible for maintaining the armies of Intop. His sign is that of the Sword and the Shield and has the final say on all matters relating to the arts of war. He is expected to listen to advice from the Echo of War and to work in close contact with that Echo

3) High Priest of Sunset - The High Priest of Sunset is responsible for maintaining the thieves of Intop. His sign is that of the Tidal Wave as he is expected to ensure unrelenting pressure and destruction falls upon the enemies of the sun. He has the final say in all matters relating to the black arts, and is expected to listen to advice from the Echo of War and to work in close contact with that Echo.

4) Warrior Priest of the TEN The Warrior Priests are responsible for ensuring that ALL news received by their squad are placed into the current news thread within the TEN Forum. They are also responsible for maintaining their squads thread in the Forum ensuring that the realm numbers for his squad is up to date. He is to work closely with the Echo of Peace to ensure that the bards of his personal squad never fall silent, and is expected to work closely with The Echo of War and the High Priests on any matters relating to war in which he has been asked to help.

5) Priest of The TEN - A priest of the TEN is expected to work closely with the Warrior Priest of the squad in which they have been placed to ensure the Acolytes of their squad maintain an active report of all news and an active bard. They are expected to place their own news into the Forum and to update their squads thread with any details relating to a change within their personal domain. They may also be asked by one of the High Priests to aid them in their work, and are expected to do so at the best of their ability.

6) Acolyte of The TEN - An Acolyte of the TEN is blind to the guild. They will be assigned a Warrior Priest to help them with their day to day running of kingdom. Although they may not be placed immediately into a squad, nor given immediate access to the Forum, they are still expected to report any news received by their realm the the Warrior Priest to which they have been assigned.

Promotion and Demotion

From Acolyte to Priest - In order to achieve promotion from Acolyte to Priest a new member must first contact the Voice via ICQ. Until this stage has been reached they will remain blind to the guild. Once first contact has been made an Acolyte will either be auto-promoted to Priest or assigned a Warrior Priest, depending on previous experience of Canon. If an Acolyte has been assigned a Warrior Priest, they will be promoted when their mentor deems them ready. Before being promoted you will be asked two random questions about the storyline in this charter.

From Priest to Warrior Priest - The transition between Priest and Warrior Priest is dependant on the player in question. Promotion to the order of the Warrior Priest occurs when a Priest feels (s)he is ready to attain the next stage of understanding, and the responsibilities that go with it.

From Warrior Priest to High Priest - In the event of the absence of a High Priest one of the Warrior Priest's will be assigned the role of interim High Priest. If it turns out that the High Priest is either dead or not returning, then the interim High Priest will achieve full status. The final say belongs to the Voice, although the Echo and other High Priest's will be involved in any promotion of this magnitude.

From High Priest to Echo - The Voices Echo must be in constant contact with, and trusted implicitly by the Voice. Therefore the decision of promotion to Echo rests on the shoulders of the Voice and the Voice alone.

Demotion - Any player found to be repetitively breaking the rules outlined above will be demoted. Barring the exception of a rule break so severe that they are banned by the game admin. In this case they will be ejected from the roles of Intop, and reported if they try to rejoin in the future as an alt without getting their ban lifted in advance. If an Acolyte breaks a rule they will receive ONE warning.

Ejection - If a member is found to repeatedly break rules they will be demoted to Acolyte (as outlined above). If they maintain their wayward ways after the one and only warning they will be removed from the roles of Intop for all time.

Process for Missing GM

If for any reason The Voice becomes absent for a short period of time, the Echo of Peace will take his place as interim Voice. If the Voice becomes absent for a great period of time then the Echo will replace him in name as well as practice.

In the unlikely event that both Voice AND Echo of Peace become absent then the following chain of command will come into play.

1) The Echo of War
2) The High Priest of Noon
3) The High Priest of Sunset
4) The High Priest of Sunrise