MoM punishes Katet

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MoM punishes Katet

Postby Elmo » Thu Oct 30, 2003 3:46 pm

Many godless infidels had ravaged the land during the night. The peaceful lands of MoM nestled just outside the forest were scarcely defended. They had no need for heavy defenses as they were not a warlike people. Peace and faith in Foret, that was thier way. Then the hordes came. The burned and they pillaged killed the men, women, even the children. They thought they had won an easy victory but truely they only won the Mark. As they gathered the spoils of the battle the faithful knights of Foret descended upon them. The lands they thought they had won as a prize became their graveyard. The knights cut through the horde, their armor shining, their swords flashing, the banners of Foret held high. The counter-attack was successful. Perhaps those who led the hordes would now consider a peace. Perhaps not. One way or another, this war would end.

<edit>There is already a war thread up for this war HERE. I am closing this thread. -Jasmine</edit>
And then the Archangel Anthius spoke to them, saying, "Fear shall be vanquished by the sword of Faith"

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