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And Darkness leads to War (Open)

Postby Shayanna » Tue Sep 20, 2005 10:16 am

OOC: Open War RP :)

*Shayanna listened to report after report.
Scout activity was at an all time high.
She had even caught scum from The Order of Almighty Fishermen in the Warstate.
All guilds were in a state of chaos. Some kingdoms on the defensive, some on the offensive.
No guild seemed to be completely on the same sheet of music.

Ristin entered in his finest attire.*

"Are you prepared Great One?
The Grand library awaits us."

"Ye will be going alone.
Worry nae.
I have Screech prepped and ready for flight.
Ye will be flying near Sekhet Aaru territory.
Here be ye map."

*Ristin became blatantly tense.
Even Shayanna could see the unease in his eyes.*

"Ye okay ye Eminence?
Something wrong?"

*Ristin looked at the map.
He could read the labels, could read the roads.
But he had no clue how to apply it*

"Great One, I will need your presence.
Should ill fall upon me your expertise will be needed.

"Ye going to a meeting of smart people nae warriors.
Of most of them ye be one of the most powerful.
Normally it be I who be worried about ye.
Screech can handle any event.
He will get ye there safely.
He be the smallest, fastest, most agile Griffin in me fleet.
He be also the most deadly."

*She noticed he was still staring at the map*

The map be accurate.
I drew it meself and had a scholar label the text stuff."

*Ristin scratched his chin not sure how to respond*

"I can read the map.
It is well drawn and labeled...
But how will it get me to the Grand Library?"

"Use terrain association.
Anything else?"

*Shayanna noticed the sweat beading on his forehead.*

"Ye Eminence, what be the fucking problem?

"How do you use terrain association?"

*Shayanna blinked and began to laugh till she noticed how humiliated Ristin was.
She took the map from him and took his quill marking roads and circling key markers of reference*

"Follow those roads and markers."

"With all due respect, I prefer you come with me.
A great many things could happen on the trip.
I am used to your presence."

*Shayanna wasn't sure how to react.
It was a role reversal unlike any she had ever seen.*

"Ye have 'Could happen' and ye have 'Is happening' ye Eminence.
It is nae me desire to have ye go alone, it be a matter of nesscity.
I MUST remain here.
War is imminent."

*Ristin raised an eyebrow.
He had personally read all the reports to Shayanna.
All signs pointed to a great catastrophe, but nothing pointed to war*

Indulge me."

"I ordered a defensive posture.
Last night at 2000 hours, General Maliki scouted Llewyn of The Founders of Unequivocal Lunacy and took an offensive posture massing troops on his border.
A storm caused a lightning strike leveling some buildings followed by a mild earthquake rupturing his province.
He suspected Llewyn."

*Ristin gave her a blank stare*

Sounds like a grand war alright.
Let us mobilize all of the Baatorian Legion and crush Llewyn at once.
Then you can accompany me."

"I be nae in the mood for ye sarcasm.
Altercation is a Warstate under permanent Martial law.
Generals do nae do such things here in me Kingdom. We have been scouted by Sekhet Aaru, The Founders of Unequivocal Lunacy, Family of Orphans...
And even The Order of Almighty Fishermen.

Now then, If the Warstate is having issues, imagine what other Kingdoms be going through.
The world be filled with different beliefs and superstitions.
Crazy things be going on around the realms.
Chaos leads to confusion.
Confusion leads to suspicion and paranoia.
This leads to radical action and conspiracy which then leads to..


I must stay.
Me place be here.
Ye place be at the Library in hopes of ending this confusion with the combined thought of all ye stupid smart

*Ristin raised an amused eyebrow*

"So now I'm stupid?"

In ye own way.
Ye cannae read a fucking map.
I can read a map.
I do nae even need to read the labels."

"Can't you accompany me now and when we get back I can help you with the current state of affairs?"

*Shayanna didn't know how to deal with him.
"What it be that he fears?"
She thought to herself as she rolled up the map and handed it to him*


*Leading him to the landing, she patted Screech gently on the head.
Ristin stared at the Griffin timidly afraid to approach him*

"So ummm...
How am I supposed to get on?"

*Shayanna sighed and rolled her eyes applying gentle pressure on the back of Screech's neck causing him to

"Get on."

*Ristin hesitated then carefully climbed atop the Griffin.
Shayanna placed Ristins knees appropriately, and guided his hands to the tether.
Ristin opened his mouth to ask another stupid question and ended up screaming as Shayanna slapped Screech on the rear causing him to leap into flight.

She grinned as the screaming died down over time and distance*

"Smart people become complete dumbasses.
The world truly be coming to an end."
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Postby Jyllian di Moonstone » Wed Sep 21, 2005 9:00 am

The activities of the realms were frantic. Everywhere he got reports of one, or two kingdoms entruding, usually from different guilds, and even faiths on Legion land.

Allways apologies were sent. That somehow the scouting parties had been led awry. Yet one error, would created worry. Two would even make you ponder. Yet he could allready put five reports of inscursions. You could not put that in the category of pure chance.

One report was even from an Oafs scouting party. What to think about that. Had they maybe been subverted. It was a hard thing to believe.

Writing orders down for all members of the Legion. The warlord frowned.

To all members of the Legion,

I want you all to uphold a draft. All men able older then 16 are to be called under the banners. Fortify all borders. And prepare for a possible long lasting war.

Furthermore i want scouting parties sent to the key provinces of SA and Foul, they are to inspect both on war readiness, and fortifications.

Be Strong,
Jyllian Di Moonstone.
Kul'Nat of TBL.

He nodded. That sounded right. The draft would fill their armies more. Off course most of the peasants could only be expected to be used as fodder to stem heathen troops. But who knew. Some hero's might walk out of the fray.

Now it was time to ready his own kingdom. He felt that heathen troops could come soon. And he owed it to the legion to be ready for them.
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Postby The 3rd Blade » Tue Oct 04, 2005 9:23 pm

Greetings esteemed Colleagues of faith and mind,

First of all let me say that although I may disagree with your particular faiths and beliefs, I respect them.
I come to you not as an enemy, but of a person of mutual divine and spiritual interists.

I have sensed, or should I say felt; an Ominous presence of dread in my mind. It has grown stronger by the hour and I am convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that it is not caused by my Lord Barnabas, or has anything to do with my faith at all.

It is with keen interist that I inquire as to your states of mind.
Am I alone in this?

I respectfuly await your reply's.

--}Ristin Pieare{--
Cardinal of the Warstate of Altercation

He smiled as he folded the missive up once again. It had been too perfect an oppourtunity not to take advantage of. While their master no longer ruled, and the guild he served was no more, the guilds they had been allied with would benefit greatly from their action. Kas was pleased.

As he had predicted Ristin had indeed left for the library of Tonan in reponse to the Librarian's invitation, and even now was inside the building discussing whatever important information had been brought to light.

Kas looked down from his position and spotted the cardinal's griffin. The cardinal had landed in an unexpected position on the outskirts of town in a very hurried manner, almost as if he had expected something.

He's a careful heathen, I'll give him that much.

Glancing over his shoulder Kas took in the portion of his squad that was with him, and smiled again. Trip already had Seit and Rhen making adjustments and was contentedly cackling to himself maniacally.

Gods, that man is crazy.
Meanwhile, on the borders of the Warstate of Altercation..

Yes, I AM a merchant from Baator!

Marek could hear a mumbling which he assumed was a reply.

I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR ORDERS! If I don't pass through THIS gate, I'll never make it back home in time to pay the lender! THEY'LL BREAK MY LEGS!

The mumbling was getting closer now.

FINE! Search the wagon for all I care, MY LIFE IS RUINED ANYWAY!!!

Damned nice of him, Marek thought to himself, trying not to make any noise.

Looking out through the slats in the side of the wagon he could see the guard's tunic scant inches from his face.

A bird whistled.

A fraction of a second later Marek threw off the cover on his hiding spot, firing his crossbow into the guard's chest.

A scream came from somewhere behind him.

Jumping down from the wagon to reload, Marek looked to either side to get his bearings.

On the right Saris was rising from her position in the woods and firing a number of arrows at a guard out of sight beyond the wagon, to the left Vex was finishing off a guard who had managed to draw his blade in time.

Pulling the lock back into position Marek swung back into action, looking for any guards left standing. None remained. Relieved he turned toward Vex.

Thanks for convincing him to check the wagon, you bastard.

Vex was about to give a witty retort when the sound of hooves and the sound of a sword being drawn interrupted him. Spinning to face the attacker as the man prepared a powerful swing, Vex was unable to bring his sword to an adequate defense.

Reacting on instinct Marek fired a quarrel into the attacker's chest, and the rider fell in a lifeless heap at Vex's feet.

Looking down at his bloodied boots, then up at Saris, Vex bit his lip, holding back a number of curses. Instead, gaining his composure, Vex decided to go another route.

I thought you said there would only be five.

I guess he was a messenger or something. Saris replied non-chalantly, shrugging.

True enough, Vex found a number of letters on the attacker's person which matched one in the posession of one of the slain guards. He decided to read one aloud.

To all armies of the Legion, to all guards. I order hereby an elevated status of alert. All travelers, be they heathen or Barnabas are to be thoroughly checked, and expected to be hostile. Any greater groups are to be only permitted under guard of Legion escorts.

-Jyllian Di Moonstone, the Kul'Nat.

As Vex finished Ethaniel appeared with their horses.

It seems we got lucky then, that their numbers were not increased yet.

Don't get too happy yet, we'll only be truely lucky if the Warlady acts as predicted.
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Postby Shayanna » Thu Oct 06, 2005 11:33 am

"Will you save us all Lord Ristin?
Are you only out to save the red tide Lord Ristin?
I think your a selfish arrogant prick Lord Ristin, but Ill mince words so the insult is juuust vage enough to slip by.

You try to help a bunch of heathens and what thanks do you get?
You get called "Lord Ristin".
No more dealing with mystics and the like.
Ill stick to scholars.

"Lord Ristin" indeed!
I have half a mind to just thell them all to go fu..."


*Ristin paused in his step halting his rant in mid sentance. Did he hear something? Or is it the smell? Something definatly wasn't right.

"Now what? What else can possibly go wrong?"

He thought to himself as he approached his Griffin*
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Postby The 3rd Blade » Fri Oct 14, 2005 9:02 pm

Kas watched as the cardinal approached the griffon. As the barnabite mounted the beast Kas quickly checked on his people.

Trip seemed to barely be able to control himself above his excitement.

Kas would have been concerned that Trip would be too excited to shoot straight, but it seemed Seit's threatening glares and venomous words were helping to keep his focus on executing the plan.

Last among those currently with him was Rhen, in position near the landing site.

If all went well, Kas wouldn't even need to draw his blade.

With his attention now fixed back upon Ristin and his mount Kas watched the plan's execution...

As Ristlin dissappeared below the edge of the rise they were located on, Trip made the final preparations to the device with an almost tangible glee. Then, as the griffin and rider surged over the top of the rise, the contraption was fired.

Eight weighted balls surged toward the griffon dragging a thick netting in their wake. The griffon made a valiant effort to escape the trap, but there was too little time for evasive maneuvers.

As the ill fated duo fell swiftly to the ground Kas smiled almost as heartily as Trip was. The targets were right where they were supposed to be. Kas had to hand it to Trip, he was insane, but the man knew his stuff.


Next it was Seit's turn to make an impression as she lobbed a few vials at the entangled figures. As they shattered they let forth green gasses to knock the victims unconcious.


They were all approaching the weakening figures now, covering their faces with the dampened rags which would keep at bay any undissipated gasses.

They were close to completion of this stage of the plan. Kas could only hope that the other group was doing similarily well.

Ensuring that no unneccesary chances were taken by the squad, Rhen was already restraining the nearly unconcious griffin as the rest of the squad made haste to remove the limp body from the netting and move it to the carriage they had prepared to take him back into the city.

Minutes later the griffon was left free of the netting while the crew removed the equiptment they had used and hastily brought their prize into the abandoned streets below.

Sitting across from the unconcious cardinal in the bouncing wagon Kas smiled, knowing that they had succeeded and soon the dark elf before him would be bound and guarded well out of sight.

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Postby The 3rd Blade » Wed Oct 26, 2005 7:18 pm

Trip was nervous.

While they had been holding the Cardinal hostage the earthquakes had been intensifying, and in the most recent update Kas had mentioned that the few remaining villiagers in the city were starting to leave out of fear of some catastrophe. The Cardinal however, slept like a baby.

Barnabas is coming for us, you know.

Probably going to kill us in person!


I bet he'll eat our spleens first.

There was no reaction from the other of the two guarding Ristin's prone body. Rhen just sat quietly against a wall waiting for the end of his guard duty.

There had been no movement from the Warlady. It did not seem that she would be walking into the trap they had set for her.

Perhaps the griffon had not made it back to it's roost, or perhaps the Warlady was pressed with other matters.

And who could blame her Vex thought to himself. They had made it to the capital of the warstate to find it in utter chaos. The peasants and many merchants were falling victim to a plauge, whilst most guards not watching the city walls had the unpleasant duty of quarantining the sick.

Clerics of Barnabas moved within the crowds relieving those they could, but theirs was a healing intended for wounds taken in battle, not for epidemics such as this. A few had fallen victim to that which they strove to drive from their city within his sight already. Vex suspected there were many more following their example.

Vex turned to the rest of the squad present. With Vex's help their disguises had been improved significantly, but the occasional gesture or faltering of the local accent had given them away. They were lucky to still be alive. If and when they made it out of this he would have to give them a more formal introduction to theatrical arts.

Ethaniel, contact Kas and tell him about the situation here.

I don't want to stay in these plauge ridden upper streets any longer than I have to, and if the others don't make it here by sunset tommorrow we will have to strike without them.

The chaos in the city is also of benefit to us in our preparations against the leaders of the Legion, therefore also inform Kas that we will need to make changes to the plans. I will be penning a letter to the Warlord Jyllian di Moonstone to bring him to this city as well. I fear that he will similarily be unable to move as we had planned.

As Ethaniel hurried off to the quiet place he had prepared for just such a task, Saris perked up, excited to finally have something to do.

Saris, I want you to scout out a backdoor into the Warlady's likely well safeguarded inner sanctum, or whatever they might call their underground keep.

With an enthusiastic nod, Saris quickly dissappeared around a corner.

Last came Marek.

I need you to do your thing. Look for any good sniping spots and prepare for the task at hand.

When Vex was finally alone he sighed. There were too many deviations. Kas wasn't going to be happy.
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Postby Kilnir Arinstar » Thu Oct 27, 2005 3:39 am


He'd always wondered why humans used such a tiny and pathetic word for it. Three letters. How could they possibly hold within them the ability to fully describe the horror..... the carnage...... the bloodshed and tragedy...... the financial opportunities.

Ok, may that last bit wasn't what came to the minds of most. On his mind however it was foremost. Pickings had been poor recently and he had been forced to take bodyguard jobs for trade caravans. The pay was lousy and you were constantly on the move, surrounded by some immensely pompous people.

Still, hopefully things would change. He could feel the tingle on the air. Something was coming. It smelled like money and blood.

He was currently sat in front of a small tavern in a farming village located between the prospective combatant nations. He was also drinking wine like there was no tomorrow. Given that eventually there would come a day when there wasn't a day after, he thought it wise to prepare everyday just in case. But he would think that after a whole bottle of red.

He wasn't the only mercenary stopped off in the town. A few more were inside the tavern but Kilnir prefered be outside where the warmth of the sun could shine down on his body. His style of dress was a mix-match of old-but-ruined finery and scavenged-but-still-useable armour. He was an elf, obvious enough by the ears and graceful elegance apparent even through such poor attire. His features included the oh so common long blonde hair and green eyes. The only thing that really seemed different from the stereotypical elven imagery was the left hand side of his face which was a mish-mash of burns scars. His left eye was no more than a milky white orb amongst the slightly discoloured flesh.

But he didn't really care about any of that. Not now at least, with the sun shining down and a bottle in hand. His greatsword in its scabbard lay on the floor by his feet.

At this moment he noticed a small human child stood in front of him. It was dressed in peasant's clothing and was both scruffy and sticky looking. He wasn't much good at guessing the age of humans but he'd say it had to be below ten cycles old. It stared at him.

"You're an elf." it finally said.

"You're observant."

"My mommy says that elves are supposed to be magical and handsome and beautiful."

He had never been much good at dealing with children of any species. There was something about them that just made Kilnir want to throw them in a river.

"Good for her."

"But your face is all ugly and horrible, so how can you be an elf?"

He leaned forward and gave a slightly intimidating smile.

"Did your mommy also tell you that we kidnap children and eat them for dinner? We like the crunchy bones of the little ones." He licked his lips in an extremely over the top manner to emphasise the point. The child ran.

He sat back again and took another swig of his wine bottle. That was the third child to approach him in the last half hour. He couldn't even tell if they were the same child or not, they all looked the same to him.

Ah well, he should really be on the lookout for work. Still, the fighting would start soon enough and he'd see what offers presented themselves from both sides before making a choice.

Ah, was there ever a word quite so wonderful as war?
"You petty humans fight for gods you cannot see. We fight for one we see every day. One we know we can hurt. And can in turn hurt us....."
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Postby Jyllian di Moonstone » Sat Oct 29, 2005 2:14 pm

He sat in his warroom, it was eerily empty now.

All the soldiers were gone, recruited as to say for another task. Building the great ships. Build ships, more ships and more ships. If the legion was to prevail as much as it's might had to be able to set sail.

The basic idea had been simple. Build a few huge ships and take off in them. But soon it was the Warlady herself who pointed out the weakness in the plan. Big ships would be vulnerable to attack, so one needed in fact a whole armada of smaller faster ships to escort the city ships.

And so it had been, that the warlady had been a source of inspiration to many of the other lords. And the shipyards had grown exponantially. Fervor growing even bigger when the plagues started to hit. The plagues.

Cities had allready been declared lost. Several had literally burned to the ground. Where the healthy had started burning the homes of the sick. Fire, with it's chaotic life quickly grasping around itself sparing none. Destroying all.

Chaos. The eclipse. The tremors, and changing of the island. It were all clear signs time was short.

And now it had come to his notice, that somehow in this whole chaos the Cardinal, Ristin had gone lost. None knew where. None could explain how one could lose a cardinal. And none surely dared approach the warlady with the news. So they had come to him. Finally.

He had shouted, cursed so loud that the bearers of the news had left quickly. He had then passed orders to what was left of the black hand. His thieves organisation to find news about what had become to the Cardinal. And if someone had taken him custody, to discover who. And fast. Time was limited.


Off course not all troops had left. Sets of troops still fortified the borders. Although the north border legions had fallen back allready slowly moving to the shipyards letting the Legion grow smaller with the day. A full tenth of the legion's land had allready been surrendered.

Then he called for a messenger, his mind returning to the business at hand.

Go to the Warlady, as fast as your horse can carry. Tell her that the Cardinal has disappeared. That it seems he vanished after the convention of wise. And that any help to find him is welcome, also tell her the legions spies are allready on path to find any trace of him.

Spies in the north, south, east and west soon received orders to go watch, and hear the rumors of the street. To find those who had had the audacity to take on one of the wisest of the legion. And to be fast.

One hundred thousand gold was offered to the one who brought the information leading to the wereabouts of those who had attacked the Cardinal.

Two hundred thousand gold was offered, if the Cardinal was still alive.

Incentive enough for all to open their eyes wide. And to listen.
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Postby The 3rd Blade » Sat Oct 29, 2005 4:38 pm

Vex sat back in the chair.

The letter was finished. All that remained was to have it delivered to the Warlord without tipping him off as to their positions... but where can I find a messenger's uniform?


Walking into the offices of the local messengers, Vex had an unsettling feeling of guilt about taking the messenger's clothes, but the man would not be needing them anymore regardless. The feeling passed.

Putting on the facade of having been riding for days Vex paid one of the riders present with the gold from the messenger he had borrowed the uniform from for delivering the message the last small bit of the journey, much to the rider's pleasure. It seemed that no-one really wanted to stay in the city while the plaugues were rampant.

Kas once again sat across from the Cardinal as the wagon clacked merrily along the road. Seit had been keeping him well drugged for the most part, but after their breif stint at the border it seemed he had been getting perilously close to conciousness, and Seit was running low on the supplies necessary for the drugs to keep him asleep.

She had been administering small doses with a cloth every time Ristin had looked ready to wake up. A startled look would come to his eyes as they snapped open when she cupped the fabric over his mouth, but clouds would soon obscure his vision as he drifted back into a deep slumber.

Kas was becoming concerned that with the short supply of herbs and the plauge that apparently lay before them, they might have to incapacitate the Cardinal the hard way before long.

As Seit sat back in her seat, Kas looked over at her. She was beautiful in his eyes, and as she looked back at him he could see her thoughts were with him as well.

Soon this mission would be over and they could settle down for a while. He had promised her that. It would be a nice break, a chance to relax that they had rarely allowed themselves to take.

Kissing his love, Kas turned his attention back to the Cardinal.

They had been counting on the Ristin's importance to the Legion to play a role in their plans, but as of yet they had seen no reaction from his allies. Kas would need to think on this. He did not like surprises, but his insticts told him he was in for one.
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Postby Shayanna » Tue Nov 01, 2005 6:54 am

*The Warlady was strangly silent as she stared at the wall.
Hours had passed and she moved not a muscle.

She had a hunch something was a miss when Screech returned on his own. Although odds were that the Cardinal could have fallen off, he sure as hell would have been back by now and in good health.

As the days went by however it became grossely apparent something was wrong.
She could not report it.
He peasents would freak out.

If word got out that one of the most powerful and influential people in the lands dissapeared when he was supposed to be saving the world, complete control of Altercation would be lost.
In truth, there were quite a few who viewed the Cardinal as the true ruler of the Warstate and do not claim loyalty to her.

She had to try and find him.
Starting with the library.

Dressed in full battle gard, she slowly ascended up from the dark caverns using her ultravision to navigate the catacombs.
As she entered the fortress she squinted and paused allowing her eyes to adjust to the normal spectrum before heading out the gates. She surveyed the destruction of the Warsate and shook her head. She had to find Ristin fast.

Looking to the skies, she cupped her hands to her mouth and made an annoying high pitched noise*
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Postby Kindolf » Fri Nov 04, 2005 10:17 pm

...your kind serve no purpose other than the aide in the furtherance of plague and pestilance. You are of two species easily eradicated. You should consider yourself.... Are you listening to me halfbreed?


The half breed looked into the man's eyes with his own of piercing black. He hated elves with the utmost passion. Obsessive and self righteous sort they were, and it would be his utmost pleasure to destroy each and every one. However, they were the ones that hired him to do their dirty work.

His employers were those of a renegade group, looking to purge their race and the lands of all that is unclean; namely those that were not elven and not of their ideas.

They had heard of TBL's dilemma and had jumped at the chance to rid themselves of such "disgraces" to their race. So they hired him through a mutual contact, which Kindolf later killed, and bid him to chase those of TBL off the island through the furtherance of the plagues upon their lands. The deaths of key names would pay bigger.

I said....
For the love of hell shut up! News of what happened to those of the Legion has spread far and wide through the black networks. What makes you think you can make a significance?
Oh, but we are very significant. We are the pure, the righteous, we are the...
Pray tell, what is your rank among those you claim fealty to? A leader no less?
Nae. I be but a lowly member. A messenger priveleged with the responsibility by the leaders. I am to be the contact through which you serve. A distasteful situation, but one to further lead to my promotions within the ranks.

The halfbreed smiled and stood from his seat, walking slowly to a position behind the man, massaging his shoulders and holding his lips close to the creatures neck.

...but you see, you will serve no further purposes. You will recieve no further promotions. As you will now die in your mission.

Kindolf grinned evilly as the nails upon his fingers grew longer and pointed, digging into the elf's shoulders. He bared his teeth to the elf's eyes, his canines growing more pronounced and pointed. He breathed against the elf's neck lightly, scraping the now pointed teeth against the throat.

Fear not, for I shall continue that for which I'm employed. But you will not be there to witness it.

The elf gasped as Kindolf bit into it's throat, struggling as a large chunked was removed with a sudden jerk of the head. He grinned as he watched the elf fall to the ground, the blood spewing forth from it's throat.

Now to rid meself of the annoyance that is you and your race. Mayhaps these local creatures know of the location of those you call the warlady or the warlord. But this missing cardinal you speak off... this... Ristin... They may know very little more than you. However I can do little more than ask.

The halfbreed grinned, menacing the other occupants of the tavern with his pure black eyes, then left, seeking those of the black arts. Those were the ones with the most information he had found, with his past hunting experiences.
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Postby Jyllian di Moonstone » Sun Nov 06, 2005 10:17 am

Dear Jyllian di Moonstone,

As I am sure you are able to verify, Cardinal Ristin Pieare of the Warstate of Altercation has not returned from his recent journey to the Library of Tonan.

I assure you, however, that he is safely within our protection.

If you wish to see the Cardinal again, it is advisable that you make all haste to the capital city of the Warstate of Altercation. By the time you enter the city it is assured that the Cardinal will have been transported as well.

Further instructions will be provided upon your arrival.

Respectfully yours,
Ristin's Captors

He frowned at the letter, it coincided with some information he had been given from his own spying guild. They were adamant that the Cardinal was in the warstate. Yet they had been unable to identify who exactly held him.

They had warned him though. With the retreating legions, and the plagues the borders of the Legion were porous, slowly falling apart. And rumor had it that heathen spies and assasins had made their way into the once secure lands of the Legion.

He nodded as he moved to his favored dragon. He usually didn't go out on the dragon. Even as majestic as it was. Powerfull, it was useally more trouble, then a gain on movements. That and it was a proud creature, of magic. And it's will at times could be a test even for him.

In it's eye glancing down at him, he could see it to was aware of the situation of the lands. That it felt that an end was comming soon. Still it remained. With a few others. Altho many had taken flight and left for places unknown he had remained. It was part of the pact.

For it's service the legion would foresee the safety of many of the dragon eggs. For the egglings had to be saved to. And it had been added to the plan of escape. In exchange the dragons had accepted to offer an escort of ways.

Yet that was all beside the point now. As it lowered it's head permitting the warlord to mount him.

To Altercation, With haste, our presence is needed in a speedy way.

So it was that he took to the air, on the powerfull red dragon Firebreath. While at the same time, a cavalery unit was detached from the capitol. Leaving with haste, riding to the warstate of Altercation, with orders to help and support.

The rest of the generals had received strict orders. To haste the evacuation. To fall back close around the shipyards. And help to hasten the building of the fleet. Of which many ships allready were in the bay, and equiped ready to take to the sea. As more and more peasants, soldiers and sailors borded them.
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Postby The 3rd Blade » Mon Nov 07, 2005 11:02 pm

Vex sighed with relief as a carriage driven by familiar figures crept into view over the hill.

When the carriage was nearing the gates Vex ran up to it, yelling up to Trip and Rhen excitedly.

Thank Barnabas you have made it, the priests are overwhelmed!

I trust that the antidote the city so greatly needs is with you?

Of course it is,... good sir... cleric. We just need some place to put it until... it can be used...

Trip then gave Vex a rather obvious wink to Vex's utter horror. Thankfullly they were still too far away from the guards for it to have been noticed.

Of course, please... follow me...

Vex led the carriage past the suspicous guards at the gate and deep into the upper street regions where he had set up for their arrival. As they passed by the local houses, businesses, and taverns many curious eyes fell upon them. It did not make sense that any should venture into the city, much less the parts where the plauge had already began taking lives. Unfortunatately, iit was the only place they could manage to hide well enough to pull this off...

Ushering the carriage closer to a small residence's entrance, Vex warned the inquisitive onlookers that the man they were transporting had the plauge and was horrible to look upon. When his story took effect, Rhen gently carried the cardinal's body inside, the others close behind.

As Kas surveyed the faces in the room a smile flit across his face. They had all made it thus far. He was pleased, however in seconds this would change.


So you are telling me that she just walked out of the city.. right in front of you.. and you didn't do anything!?

If I had I would have been killed on the spot! Not to mention that they would have combed the city for the rest of you.

It wouldn't have been good for the rest of the plan

Kas had to agree that was true. They would have had a very hard time completing their other objectives if Ethaniel had acted on impulse.

Fine. Kas nodded his approval before moving on to the other reports.

No hidden routes into the warlady's inner stronghold had been found yet, but there was a very good chance they would not now be needed, especially after Marek had reported finding several manageable areas for any sniping efforts which the blade might require. Kas also deemed Vex's letter to have been sufficient to speed the plan along in its execution.

The only person still working was Trip. Watching the insane man work, Kas let out a low groan. By the time he was done rigging the entrances there would be more hazzards to the mission in returning to base than the mission's enactment would possess.

Repressing a shudder, Kas turned his attention to what the troop could do while the warlady was still out of the city.

Across from their door was a tavern.

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Postby DarkWolf » Tue Nov 08, 2005 1:55 am

The time had come. To put it simply the wolven's movements and thoughts had become increasing erratic in the past months, following shortly after the eclipse and eventual hardships of Maxim this had only increased. The once noble and kind mind of the wolven had led to something harder, crueler and infinitely more chaotic than ever before. For several days he had disappeared, this after the first new moon after the eclipse, to only reappear as something new. The events as follows:


The moon had begun its rise in the night’s sky; Dark Wolf had watched this with growing anticipation. His hands had moved to either side of his body, their increasing distortion being put into contrast in the moon's glow. His eyes would only close for a moment, his body standing oddly erect despite his natural posture of leaning.

"It is time. Prepare my chamber."

"Milord? Are you sure?"

With a look that could only be described as hatred, Dark Wolf turned towards the servant only at the neck. His body oddly contorted towards his right, as his throat would rumble in a low growl.

"Your predecessor questioned me. I ate his heart with a side of potatoes and slaughtered his family in the most excruciating way possible before his eyes prior. I liked him. I don't like you. Prepare my chamber."

"Yes Milord, I am sorry Milord, it shall never happen again."

As the servant scurried to do his bidding, the wolven would erupt in a fit of laughter. His body would shake, returning back to the original position, as he doubled over in laughter.

"If only he knew, what preparing the chamber meant."

It was with that he suddenly shot up right, his eyes darting to the road in front of him as he observed a wagon arriving. His facial expressions would appear rather pleased, as he'd turn walking towards the wall. His next movements were simple, yet strange, as he stripped down to the buff and followed his servant who had just the right lead.

As the servant had reached the chamber finally, he'd extend a hand and place it in a rather crude lock. Pushing he'd rotate his palm at the wrist counter clockwise till it had turned 90 degrees, pushing further he'd rotate back clockwise 180 degrees before finally pushing even further and returning the palm back to it's original position. It was then that the stone slab of a door that the lock had been on, dropped with a mighty shake and shrieking sound as it hit the bottom. The servant’s mouth drew agape in horror mixed with confusion as he saw the text on the wall, written in pink:

Surprise! You're the human sacrifice.

As he attempted to turn and run it was then he ran straight into Dark Wolf, with a grin showing utter delight he pushed the man backwards and into a small circle. With a quick motion of the hand he hit the wall, slowly (and accompanying shrieks of the servant) the door drew up again. The accompanying minutes were filled with the screams of the servant, followed by apparent and inaudible chanting, and finally a mighty roar of a sound. It was quite unique in the humanity of a rather canine sounding howl, not so strangely it came directly from the chamber that had previously locked. It was not for several hours that activity would be detected again, this time by someone quite different looking.

As the stone slab of a door fell once more a figure, still in the nude, became slowly visible. His eyes were not white, but rather a black with a dull gray pupil. Face seen as slightly elongated, muzzle lined with canine like teeth and a nose to match. His hair had turned white and was now down to his waist. His body had grown over a foot standing now well over seven feet, and was now also covered with a dull black hair. Fur if you will. Each finger had stretched out, longer than normal, and held a razor tip. Knees slightly bent, with feet in two stages. First were the toes, short and stubby, that touched the ground. Next was the heel and flat of his foot, this was tipped what seemed like nearly 45 degrees off the ground towards his rear. Between his legs could be seen another appendage, a tail (You pervert) that hung behind him.

Turning his head down he'd look to his new hands, his voice in a near growl as he laughed hoarsely. Eyes taking a slow and deliberate blink, he'd pass his tongue out towards his nose.

"So this is what his majesty of chaos granted me? It may do well for the battlefield, but hard to get in the tavern. We'll have to take care of that later."

With a rather remarkable move he'd drop down to all fours. His wrists bending easily to 90 degrees to allow this, feet matching as needed. With a sudden burst of speed he'd dart from the chamber area, past the guards posted just outside his room, and finally towards the courtyard. Here was what he expected. With a ferocious appetite he ripped the cloth from the wagon, inside were the servants family members. Everyone did not know this of course,, but he had ordered them here for his first meal. Even if he did love the slaughter, chaos and destruction; at least he was allowing them to join the man. With a deliberate speed set slow, he'd tear through each of the members like .. well like a were-wolf like being through humans. (Sparing the actual gore)


After a few moments a small red river began flowing from the castle, followed by Dark Wolf and a few of his trusted men. With a wave of his claw, or paw, he'd point towards fires on the distance. It was a battlefield, where his men were engaged in a fearsome slaughter. Theirs. He had known for a long time he would not win this war, his point was to make the most blood possible. His or theirs. His next orders were not questioned by the trusted men, or advisors if you will, though no doubt their own subordinates would not understand.

"Send your men, spare yourselves and your families if you will, to the battle. You may notice there are many times the troops as we have, that's fine. I don't like this city anymore. If you manage to survive, join me later. Don't get me wrong. I expect you all to die, your choice is how."

"Yes Milord, it shall be done." They answered in unison, their bodies dropping to a knee.

"Now, if you'd excuse, or not, I have people to slaughter and I don't think this city would satiate this hunger." It was then that the form of the wolven, in his true form and soaked in blood, had doubled over. Taking off in a sprint his arm would stretch to whoever was close, his claws ripping left and right, destroying whomever got in his way or even near him. His idea of morality, decency, honor were all gone. His only care was now the thing his very existence had now become with his change, chaos. His laughter could be heard as he tore through his foes, even those who didn't know they were, even after the city fell. In a blaze of fire it was then that the final city of the Dark Lands were destroyed, the man who made it along side. Now there was only this beast, any kingdoms he would make echoing his position on life: Slaughter, Sleep, Slaughter, Eat, Slaughter some more, then toss in a little slaughter before repeating.
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