That which once was, and shall never be again. {Open RP}

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That which once was, and shall never be again. {Open RP}

Postby Seska Dragonslayer » Mon Jun 29, 2009 10:35 pm

The sun hung low on the horizon, the skies an angry bruise of purple, pink, blue, and black. Only the faintest tinge of red and orange remained, and only minutes of that, at that. The hard packed Gate Road would be emptying of traffic before the hour was out. Even the refugee's would not remain on the road after then. The young woman moved along unconcerned though, her fine woolen dress dyed a pale blue and relatively plain with little embroidery only slightly stained from travel. Eyes followed her as she wentr, but she seemed not to heed them. She would draw eyes like that, unless she chose to hide herself. Here, she would not do that.

Short, she stood barely above four and a half feet. Her presence was much more, much more commanding than her small frame could ever be. Flesh as pale and smooth as a young girl, she could pass for a human teenager, the curves of her body enticing, accentuating softness. Her eyes were like diamonds, pale amythest pupils that seemed to glow, seemed like liquid. No softness there. And hair as silver-white as platinum, long and braided behind her with her bangs hanging low across her face. She carried a staff in hand, ash and straight as an arrow with vines curling along its length, as if carved. At her waist, a sword, a strange thing with a large gray gem set in the hilt, delicate tracery's of silver metal for crossguard and a blade fully two third as long as she was tall, sheathed in plain leather. Both had the feel of power. Its owner had that same feeling, riding in the undercurrent of authority as she went.

Before her, the great plains of rolling green grass and the occasional thicket patch-worked all the way from the low hills far to the south sat in silence. If she turned, she could still see those low hills, their dark and ancient forests untouched by the hand of man as of yet. The farms died out as the road wound into those dark hills. And beyond, to rivers and places out of minds' distance away. Before her though....a Realm, a seed of the Sidhe, one of its greatest nations and one of its crown jewel capitals.

The Great Gate's walls of white granite, finely flaked with silver and golden minerals and reinforced by the Art, stretched in an unbroken arc for nine leagues, the wall ending only once it had buried itself into the mountainsides of two great peaks towering into the clouds. Behind that, three other great peaks rose into the heavens, the wind blowing a fine cloud of drifting snow from those other high peaks. The five were the highest peaks in this chain, and mointains marched east and west for a hundred miles until they ran into other chains of mountains, those carrying themselves to the top of the world, to the frozen lands and the hardy people who lived there, warriors against the dark things that stalked the roof of the world. The breeze blowing down from those great peaks carried the chill of ice and the scent of alpine forest, untouched as it was meant to be.

She walked on, staff ticking off ime as she approached.

The Great Gate. Alamanalein ky'Mythal in her own native language which meant literally "The great gate of the Aether". Her face betrayed nothing of her inner thoughts, though in all honesty there were none looking and in fact none to look.Outwardly calm, she seethed inwardly. One of the greatest places of the Sidhe, it had been built around a holy place in the name of Olander. That God had left such a place for His children showed the greatness of his compassion. The greatest miracles in the world happened within the Sidhe strongholds, rare as they were. Here the sick came to be healed, devices of incredible natures, such that they defied logic and explanation....all these came from the central hubs of the Sidhe. As she approached the great ironwood gates she could feel the power singing in her blood, could feel the pulse of it matching the rhythm of her heart. Unbidden, her eyes rose above the spires and artful buildings of Gate, to the great Valley gate nestled in the heart of the city. The Great Plaza gleamed in the dying light of day. The gate did as well, massive iron bound ironwood, enchanted by the Keepers so that nothing could open them without permission of the highest councils. A road wound out of sight into the trees, following the contour of the land to the land until it dissappeared into a sheer cleft in the mountain sides. Beyond....

She could feel the pull of it even from this distance, still miles away. From the Great Wyvern Gate to the heart of the Wellspring - the Great Tower - it was still eleven leagues through mountain pass and winding wilderness road. Therein was the true heart of this city, though it stood in a mountain ringed stronghold of its own. Koriasai, a place of power. And it drew at her so, though she would never be allowed in to that sacred place.

She stopped, and blinked. The Wyvern Gate stood before her, open. Only two men stood to guard it, more than necessary really. Tall, if lithe, they carried staffs of their own. They had no swords or pikes; the was no need. She could sense their ability with the Art quite clearly from here. They nodded, then went back to scanning the road behind her.

She crossed the threshold and vanished into the city proper, cobbled streets lit brightly but not with flickering torches. Peace reigned here yet. And yet, the war and the death were on theie way, and if the High Councils....

The false security of the city made her shudder. She glided along, looking for a roof for the night, before she could set out on her intended task. An unnamed darkness walked the night, old beyond reckoning, and yet free to roam once more....

....and it thirsted for power. It hungered for war. It was real, and it was coming whether the great councils would heed her words or not.
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Re: That which once was, and shall never be again. {Open RP}

Postby Angrod » Sat Jul 11, 2009 3:44 pm

Angrod squinted into the sun, staring down from one of the highest floors of the Wellspring towards the city below. The Sidhe always enjoyed looking down on the city at this hour, its walls and buildings glittering in the final minutes of daylight. It was only from the highest floors of the tower that the city could be seen at all, nestled as it was in the mountain valley. As he watched, shadows raced up the valley, stopping the light show below. Moments later, the sun disappeared under the horizon, and Angrod turned back into the Wellspring. The tower hummed with its usual quiet energy. The Sidhe had occupied the tower for ages upon ages, plying their Art and training their children. In time, the citadel of Koriasai had grown up around it, and further down into the valley, the city, impregnable and legendary to the younger races. Oleander had truly been good to them.


Angrod spun, black and gold tunic swishing as he turned to face Mage Imlardil. The older Sidhe smiled in greeting, then handed Angrod a letter.

"Can you run this down to the city for me? Tonight?"

Angrod groaned. "Sir, can it wait till tomorrow? The sun has already set."

His request was met with a smile and a shake of a head.

"No, it needs to be tonight. The council wants to vote on it tomorrow first thing in the morning."

"Very well. I'll leave right away." Angrod said. He nodded his goodbye to Mage Imlardil, and headed for the stairs. Soon he was out of Koriasai and heading towards the Wyvern Gate.
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