Fa vs TGH/AI/Maelstrom (RP ONLY PLEASE)

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Fa vs TGH/AI/Maelstrom (RP ONLY PLEASE)

Postby Blackdragon » Thu Sep 18, 2008 12:58 am

The hour was late and most had already retired from the days toils, when the riders began to pour in.

"Master, there are armys marching on our land from all directions" came report after report

"Send word to our leader and all the allied kingdoms of our impending Doom and hopefully we will survive the night till assistance comes." ordered the old warrior as he was already doning armor to join his troops.
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Re: Fa vs TGH/AI/Maelstrom (RP ONLY PLEASE)

Postby Grunt » Thu Sep 18, 2008 1:05 am

Grunt the gnarled warrior and apprentice sorceror awakened to the sound of his armies dying and his walls falling.

Milord I have failed you as a spell caster
I slept through my daily task of ensuring our lands were obscured by the swamp mists
The few remaining castles have been protected but I fear my efforts were too late to confuse the enemies at our walls
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Re: Fa vs TGH/AI/Maelstrom (RP ONLY PLEASE)

Postby Reylan Talonspyre » Thu Sep 18, 2008 2:40 am

Reylan was not happy. Upon the eve of battle, as the generals of many nations gathered together to plan the attack that would seal the fate of the hated Maelstrom, its insidious allies within the Golden Horde and the deadly assassins of Arcanus Invisu, he was told that his Grand Vizier was seen at one of the local taverns, drinking with some very beautiful ladies.

Now normally, this would not have been a big thing, but on this evening, Reylan Talonspyre had not found ANY wenches in his castle that were worth getting his royal groove on with. So, he decided, in a lusty haste, to follow his Grand Vizier all stealthy-like, to the tavern and befriend him more than he had in the last few weeks so he could steal his women.

Reylan had planned to do this all while on his way to the meeting of the generals.

As many plans do, this one failed horrible. He reached the tavern and no women or Grand Vizier was to be found. Reylan was deeply saddened as was his libido. So, he began to drink. And so he did. After copious amounts of alcohol had been imbibed, he called his Royal Sage with a messenger to the tavern as well, to share in his grief at having no warm and inviting vagina to call his home, at least for the evening ... so more like an inn.

As if a bolt of lightning had struck him, Reylan realized, half-drunk that hours had past and he was missing the meeting of the generals. When he arrived at the meeting, Lord Fireslash, Supreme Commander of the Armies of the Forsaken Ascension was busy writing the lists and records of the dead and the soon-to-be-dead.

Reylan begged him, "Please milord, may I have targets for my very poor and very loyal realms?"

Fireslash remarked, "Very well, take these kingdoms and do with them as you will." Reylan accepted the parchment and began his long ride back to his realms and his awaiting, and very tired general staff.

Then, much like a whore, Reylan's armies trampled through almost every heathen kingdom, seizing acres from one and all.
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Re: Fa vs TGH/AI/Maelstrom (RP ONLY PLEASE)

Postby Torkano » Thu Sep 18, 2008 8:46 am

Torkano waited and masturbated all over Fire's pointy stick while plans were being laid out over who was to attack who. As soon as finished, Tork watched in astonishment as Reylan quickly snatched it up and *CENSORED*

Nothing had been mentioned for targets yet when Steven walked into the war room as Tri announced too very large targets of interest that he had gotten a peek of. Steven reminded me of a premature ejaculator as he quickly ran off with the targets coordinates and made short work of them. Tri yelled at him when he returned but Steven mentioned how he was left too long in the birth canal and was deprived of oxygen. Soon the massacre ensued and during all this, shouts of HDog leading us to victory with his perfectly shaped round buttocks were chanted. Reylan kept complaining about how his horse couldn't let him ride off to attack, Squee was rubbing his thighs with turkey legs, Mav was trying to give Rey a legal argument as to why he wasn't gay(Rey kept calling him that), Venus seemed in a trance and repeated OMG!, Fire kept humping everything in sight, and Geo cackled madly as he sorced people.

The armies of FA were swift and ruthless. The day was a good day for bloodshed. Blood seems to make the members of FA insane...well, more insane than they already were.
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Re: Fa vs TGH/AI/Maelstrom (RP ONLY PLEASE)

Postby Ironfist » Sat Sep 20, 2008 10:26 am

The sight of his burning kingdoms and slaughtered armies where to much to handle. The sadness in his heart could not be described in words.

Why... why? He asked himself that night. Why did he rely on those filthy goblins to guard his kingdom. And in the name of Leto!! Why could not his priests withstand the heathen gods and their magic!!

Ironfist rode of and he didnt look back. It was all lost to him. Everywhere he looked, dead farmers covered the ground.
He made his way towards the mountains. Towards his own people. Towards the elves and his brothers in arms. Perhaps one day... he would assemble an army to revenge his fallen bretheren. But not now... he had to survive...
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