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Postby Nymphsong » Fri Nov 21, 2008 9:27 pm

(OOC: A final word from the dead; but really thanks...)

A single leafless skeletol tree silhouetted against the evening sky, only made more prevelent in its loneliness by the fleeting blood red moon to the back of it. The twisted branches of the lifeless tree was only made more lifeless by a hemp knot at the center of its most sturdy branch. The knot of the hemp was attahed to only the taughtest rope pulling downward by the haunting weight mere feet below. A whisper of wind etched through the eery branches causing the rope to grind against the rough bark and causing the rope to move ever so slowly droning in frightening aches of pain to the dead weight yet attached.

A wind whisped by the dark eyepatch of the dark stallion's eyepatch, probably for the better. A lone grey robbed rider sat atop the mounted beast and starred speechless into the crisp evening chill a fog of winter escaping his slow breath. He paused not for a moment, but for a minute, sucking in another deep breath forcing the light burning from his pipe's embers to glisten off his dark eyes. He seemed perplexed by the ghastly vision before him; a lone figure perched aloft stood dancing just inches above the ground. The man sighed and turned away turned away from the truth;

The mighty and tyrannical lord Nymphsong's lifeless body, hung from a noose, attached to a rope leading to a knot on a crooked lifeless twisted branch of a leafless skeletol tree only silhouetted by the blood red moon in the background.

The dark rider rode into the distance, the body ached another turn on the rope so dearly close to the throat of the fallen hero.
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