Tavern of time and change

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Tavern of time and change

Postby Nienna » Fri Aug 01, 2008 9:26 pm

The building was a wonderous sight to see, 100 years ago. Now its just a mere shadow of its former self, colors faded, steps worn, frame slightly slanted, windows broken and boarded, the door barly hanging on its hinges. This is where I will open my tavern, when it opens it will be open to all who are willing to share thier story or stories.

First, to prepare the building for inhabitants. Fixing the windows will be easy, new glass, new frames, new hardware for the door; shiney brass, yes that will do nicely. White wash for the outside, on the new wood slate boards. Now to dig a root cellar for the food and wine. All hard work but good for the soul. Dirty hands mean a clean mind, well thats what my grandmother used to say.

I now have the right to say it. My years of war are over.Those years were long with many battles and even more tales. Now back to work.

Build the bar, tables, chairs, and shelves. I love wood working, to mold, grind, and chisle nothing into somthing. Much like the boys that had to be changed into men under my command. Oh, and we must raise a barn for the guests horses or what ever type of beasts they have. I know strange beasts. Many could say my mount is not of the normal nature. He has been by my side so to speak for many years, and has seen things that would send a hardened man running for his mother.

Days go by,the work goes on. The opening is soon, and with the opening the guests will come. People of eveery race, with stories. There is nothing like sitting around tolking of ages gone by.
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Re: Tavern of time and change

Postby Voice Elessar » Sat Aug 02, 2008 10:53 pm

The cool breeze slitly ruffled his cloak as he moved down the narrow path. The dark clouds above teased the parched earth, thier ominous folds and cracking thunder told of a thirst quenching down pour that wasn't far off. Even if his clouded eyes couldn't tell his nose and ears sensed the pending shower and he quickened to find shelter.

It wasn't long before he found himself standing infront of a building of some sort. As he looked upon the structure his blurry vison could make out the white paint and the slanted frame. Normally he would pass such lodgeing but his common sense told him to get inside before it was too late.

With a sigh he felt his way forward and pushed on the door, it opened with a loud creak as he slid past the threshold. At once his senses went to work tryig to discern what type of stay he could expect. His nose noticed the smoke from the fire and the smell of stale ale and weak whiskey from the bar. His ears picked up the sounds of constuction and noticed the lack of staff, it appeared as though this would be a self service bar.

He made his way to the back as quietly as he could, counting the number of steps from the door to the table he chose. Once he found a table with a favorable location he pulled out a chair and sitted himself carefully upon it as he heard the anticipated shower outside..

He would wait a moment and see if a waitress would show up or if he would indeed have to make his way to the bar.
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Re: Tavern of time and change

Postby Naberius » Sun Aug 03, 2008 9:30 pm

The water rolled down his face as he deposited his bag on the table with a soggy thud. Turning slowly he followed the trail of wet foot prints from the table to the door with a look of frustration and irritability. This had been the third time in a month he had been caught in the middle of no where when a storm decided to form and ruin his day.

With a grunt he yanked a chair towards himself and cursed as it tumbled and fell, knocking him in the knee.


He was talking more to the chair than to anyone else as he lost his cool and yelled. It seemed the only kind of luck he had had as of late was bad luck and it was starting to piss him off.

After propping the chair back up forceably he began to notice the lack of staff. Actually now that he calmed himself down abit he took his first good luck at the place he found himself in.

It had a bar, chairs and tables, a reasonably functional fireplace, yet he seemed to be alone save for some stranger accross the room from himself.

"Where the hell is everyone hiding? This is a bar isn't it?"

He looked to the stranger half expecting an answer and grunted when he was met with silence.

Eyeing the bar he could see bottles and glasses. With grin he started accross the room.

"Free drinks."
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Re: Tavern of time and change

Postby BackalleyWidowmaker » Sat Aug 23, 2008 1:44 pm

The pain in her side would momentarily rouse the woman from her deep unnatural slumber as she rode the chestnut gelding in the light rain. The horse would stumble over a rock or its hooves would slip in the mud and the sudden jerk of movement would cause a renewed surge of intense pain in her side. Her wound was bound tightly with a makeshift dressing from a torn and ragged battle flag bearing the colors of Deus Ex Machina but it was days old and soaked with blood. It did little to staunch the flow of blood that trickled once again from the cut in her side.The blood mingled with the rain that washed over her and Sorrow's wound could very well be fatal if proper care was not administered soon. Never in her twenty eight years had she been so grievously injured.

The wind blew a hard gust and roused Sorrow. Weak from the loss of blood she almost lost her seating on the horse. Pulling back on the reins, she brought the horse to a stop and removed her water drenched cloak and wrapped it around her waist then bound the cloak to the saddle horn. This simple deed left her completely exhausted but she felt more at ease now confident that the makeshift harness would keep her seated upon the horse should she fall unconscious once again.

The battle days before that led to her injury was mostly a fog to her now. Her men were dead she knew that much for she would not be riding alone this night. The horse she rode was unknown to her. She had found it grazing nearby where she had awoken. With some gently coaxing the horse stood still as she managed to grasp the reins of it's bridle and swing wearily into the saddle. The horse seemingly familiar with the territory picked the path they followed now. Moving through the forest at a slow but steady pace the beast walked toward its destination without any coaxing needed from his rider.

The woods were starting to thin a bit and the woman who was once again sleeping did not notice the tavern's lights gleaming in the distance but the gelding did and he quickened his pace. Many times he had found comfort and feed at the stalls behind the tavern and this is what had brought the gelding to this remembered place. The horse and rider stepped out of the woods into a clearing beside the tavern and they continued the route to the building along a rutted and muddied trail. The storm was picking up its intensity as they reached their destination and the gelding waited patiently for his reward of warmth and food as he stood in front if the tavern. After a few minutes the gelding snorted and pawed his hoof in the mud in hopes his rider would give him what he sought, but Sorrow was slumped in the saddle oblivious to his requests.

The door to the tavern opened and a man stepped out to leave and noticed the horse and rider not far away.
"Nasty storm we have tonight, better get yourself inside" he called out to the rider. After gaining no response from his statement the man walked slowly over to the rider and spoke once again "You there. Are you alright?" he said and then nudged the woman on the leg with his gnarled hand.
Puzzled he took a step closer and squinted in the darkness then saw the bloodstained harness around Sorrow's waist. He instantly saw the woman was in distress so he hurriedly untied the harness binding her and carefully lifted her from the saddle. Walking quickly to the tavern, he used a muddied boot to kick the door open and re-entered the building.
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