The hills are alive. (With the sounds of Calael vs. CoF)

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The Audacity of Aristrocacy (RP)

Postby Daryana D'Vlossuliss » Fri May 02, 2008 4:23 pm

*The earth shook as a row of focus points, the source upon which they drew energy, sunk into the ground, overwhelmed by the magic being sucked out of them. Daryana stood tall, eyes fixed on an unseen object in the horizon as she gave the next command.*


*In unison, all the priestesses focused on the spell being let loose upon the heathens that had dared attack them. Sparks of energy flew through the air as the spell hit their target. In between strikes a runner would come up and leave with further instructions for Lord Liakos, one of the newest members of the Fallen*

Jabbress, Lord Liakos has destroyed the heathen our priestesses were focusing on.

*Daryana smiled, glad that the killing blow had come from Liakos, for she knew that it would strengthen his resolve. One heathen down, how many to go? She turned to the messenger.*

Over eager eh? Send Liakos our congratulations. What news have you of my sister?

We are not sure, other than her lands still stand intact. Shall we send aid?

*Daryana laughed, aid to Kyhera! Indeed.*

My dear fool, if Kyhera is involved already, the heathens will be the ones needing aid. Bitch will be the tamest of terms they will find to describe her reaction. No, we send aid to no one. Troops have broken into our realm. We do as much damage as we can until they get to us. We hit until either they or us lie in ashes.

*As if on cue, screams pierced the night. Whether it was the troops invading her lands, or the vampires awakening to feed, it mattered not. This night would see blood, and it was her mission to make sure most of it belonged to the heathens.*
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Re: The Audacity of Aristrocacy (RP)

Postby Pyren Arkanis » Fri May 02, 2008 5:43 pm

Ne'er to the summons of the Eternal laws
More slowly the titan of Tonan rose, nor drave his chariot an steeds,
Forced by the sky revolving up the heaven,
With gloomier presage, wishing to endure.
The pangs of ravished light, and dark eclipse,
And drew the mists up, not to feed his flames,
But lest his light upon Isle, Might fall undimmed.

With lands and perhaps armies more then thrice our's, he watched as his men made their goodbye's to friend and family, his dark chariot's armour reflecting the moon as it stood upon the hill crest outside his cities gate. The was no wind this night when he and his armies marched out into the night. There would be no spoken word by the ranks, till they were near the lands chosen, and then the only permittable sound was their death scream.

A lone figure stood upon the trail as they entered the valley of another ally..
The Lady Kyhera, sends you her best wish of success Ambassador Pyren, but cannot offer more insight into the Countess's land's, the wench's thieves were to numerous.
Tell Lady Kyhera my thanks, inform the Council that the Countess's lands by this time on the morrow will be mine.
With a bow of the head the scout was gone, he gave his horse team a flick of the reins into a trot, his men dutifully followed suit. Around the next bend was the Countess's lands and he knew her sentries were already on their way to warn of the attack. Once his men had rounded the bend they were in full assualt, the armies hit the defense's of the Countess like a wrath of heaven, huge chunks of land were siezed and thousand's put to the sword. The armies pushed hard and decimated everything that was heathenistic. He lay siege to the Countess's stronghold and waited till word from the Council arrived.
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The hills are alive. (With the sounds of Calael vs. CoF)

Postby Shori Shyr » Sat May 03, 2008 8:54 am

She rode quickly through the early morning light. The call had gone out and must be answered. She and her nomadic brethren would call on their power and they would answer. They had little choice. She rode through the fields of alon-gai and into the forest of cali-cede through the marshes of nical and back over the foothills of Orian.

I saw her. I knew she was coming. She had come before. It seemed that she had cheapened our existence. We were but dogs at her beck and call... but only for a while. The spells which had sealed our city safely away when the world changed were powerful, but I was not so foolish as to banish our proud race to another plane forever. I'd left a clue, a book. One day it was clear someone with a lust for power would begin the process to unlock our greatness. I had, however, underestimated the depths that some would go to.

She reached the location of the altar. It was not much to look at, a small structure made of stone carefully placed together in a strange configuration. It sat on the edge of a great lake between two mountain peaks. But then she pulled from her back the blade. I felt somewhat tortured to look at it. I so desired to feel the cool leather wrapped grip in my hands again. The balance of months of crafting and re crafting. But I had been forced to give it up. Soon, however we would be fully released and she would be punished for abusing us so.

She slid the cool steel blade into the groove in the altar and began to softly chant the words... M vision of her world was cut off now and I was standing again on my balcony atop the eastern spire of Calael os si Eilol. And, once again we began to rise.

A little ripple first in the center of the lake, followed by waves slowly at it's center. Calael began to rise not so much as from the bottom of the lake, but rather from another realm. A realm to which I and the council had sealed her long ago. The ground began to shake as we burst forth. A bright light which lasted but a moment, and there stood our city. Beautiful, living.

The grass was so green, and citizens of our elven empire were walking the streets. The horns of Calael were sounding and the merchants selling their wares. But that bitch would pull the sword from the altar, and we would have but hours in the sun.

I ran down the spire and into the courtyard. Past the market and the houses and out the gates down the small path to the grove. Jholi and Galadrim were with me. When we reached the groves there in the center was the altar and standing by it as she always was was the vampiriess who refered to herself as Le Countess along with her entourage from some recently fallen guild.

Hello Shori I have a job for you. she said with a smirk.

Am I a dog that I do your bidding? I asked through clenched teeth.

Why no Shori, I am merely trying to work out an arrangement which will eventfully lead to your freedom.

I looked to Jholi and Galadrim it was apparent they were furious as well.

Only three more wars for me and I will become your humble servant. But for now I need the armies of Calael to ride out to the fields of battle against the Council of the Fallen. My associates here will be happy to lead you and we will, of course, be fighting beside you.

There was little we could do at this point. But soon, soon we would be free and in charge.

Our armies will be ready within the hour.


We re entered the city and sent out the word to ready our armies for war and within the hour we were on the march. We marched for several hours until we stood overlooking well over a dozen townships all flying the flag of barnabas. There were many strong and well built cities. One could see the smokes from the forges and hear the cadences from the barracks.

I looked to Jholi and asked "Is she mad?"

Thats the benefit of being temporarily immortal in our case. Jholi said as he lifted his hand. When his hand fell the battle began.

This is madness
I said as we descended into battle.

This would be epic just as in the days of Covenant. The armies of Calael descended with a thundering force along with those loyal to Le Countess. This guild was strong and met us immediately on the field. It was not long before the battle was well under way.

Serious damages were done which I somehow feel was her goal all along. At this point it didn't matter. The war was on versus a worthy opponent. We spent many many troops and expended many men. But for now at least we were winning but not without many casualties. Many of our squads were exposed to the vast sea of red. And they had yet to counter punch aside from those who met us on our initial invasion. If what I felt were true this would not go well. But why should I care? This was but a practice for things to come. For one day Calael would rise... for good.
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Re: The hills are alive. (With the sounds of Calael vs. CoF)

Postby Galadrim » Sun May 04, 2008 7:20 pm

8 to 18.....this seriously was odds that he didn't want to be up against but yet....I can't help but smirk at this boldness. 3 more wars and this is what we start off first. Galadrim wondered if it was going to get worse each time or just be randomness chaos.

Galadrim had the troops ready to deploy when a messenger came rushing up to pass news. He was on one knee with his head bowed. Galadrim looked at him for a moment then returned to the officers awaiting their assigned targets. He spoke aloud ushering the messenger to speak as he pointed out targeted positions for each officer and each in turn running off to execute.

Baron, news from the home front of Chult. A strike was made taking her down less than half her size.

Galadrim stopped and looked up with a blank face and nodded.

Do we still have forces there?

Yes Baron we do.

Good, send the fire signals that we'll proceed as planned. They'll route the enemy on the other end. I have confidence in my soldiers to still do considerable damage.

The messenger bowed and ran off. The officers looked at Galadrim with resolute regard with the plan.

Men I understand the new legions are not of full elven blood but neither am I yet you trust my decisions. The elven-elemental cross breed you'll see today will settle your nerves about their performance. We'll lose a lot more than what we started with but I guarantee we'll create more damage than what will be inflected on us. You have your assignments.

In one sound fists to hearts were made before the officers dispersed.

The battle intensified as the hours passed but Galadrim knew they would reach a limit in what they can accomplished considering they were outnumbered. They couldn't possibly get to everyone but perhaps do enough to halt severe counter-strikes. The new army proved themselves well as to their capabilities. With that bit of knowledge there wasn't going to be any mistake to the next war to what can be done.
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Re: The hills are alive. (With the sounds of Calael vs. CoF)

Postby Kyhera » Sun May 04, 2008 7:55 pm

They did what? Who is Calael?

I turned to Oliver, for this was a foe I'd never heard of. His face was a mirror of what I felt in mine. One eyebrow down while his lips moved over the message that had come over from Daryana's lands, tension evident in the lines that suddenly appeared with his concentration. He shook his head as he shrugged. His fine features smoothed out and he turned to look at me.

From what I gather they are followers of Angelique. They must be mad! 8 of them against 18 of our kingdoms?

I pursed my lips as I thought of this. 18 kingdoms yes, but not all were seasoned at war. My thoughts fled to young Liakos; his first war. Welcome to our world my friend, I thought to myself. Quickly I penned a message and gave it to the nearest scout to run over to Daryana, instructing her to incorporate Liakos and his mages into hers. If I knew my sister though, my message was unnecessary. A fight they wanted, a fight they would get. The Council of the Fallen were becoming notorious for fighting to the death, no matter if the odds were for them or against them.

I heard in the distance the thunder that indicated my priestesses were fast at work with elven magic. That would only last until the foe turned to us.

As if on cue, another scout ran into the room, breathless.

M'Lady!! Jabbress Daryana sends word that her lands are under attack.

I turned to Oliver, my face reflecting the fury of my words.

STUPID FOOL, she is loaded with mages and energy pools, but the weakness of the creatures she has allied herself with will be her downfall. She has no army to speak of, and once her priestesses grow tired . ..

I left the thought unfinished. Damn it! That could only mean we would be next as her neighbours.

Yet again, a message was pressed into my hands. Our groves had now commenced to burn. This was no time for second-guessing or hesitation. I would be no good if my lands were breached.

OLIVER! Halt the mages! Start bringing in the griffons and our rangers to cover the perimeter of our lands! We can't stop magic, but we can do our best to hold our buildings and protect our people! WE CAN NOT ALLOW THEM TO GET THROUGH!! TELL EVERYONE TO GO ON THE DEFENSIVE OLIVER!! NOW!

My lungs hurt from the exertion of raising my voice so loud. Small beads of perspiration broke out on my forehead. My eyes began to sting as they coalesced and came into them in salty streams. Kaxion was gone, what a time to be without our leader. I could only hope Redbaron, second in command, would put a plan together quickly so we could retaliate rapidly.

Blinking rapidly, I began to furiously prepare for what was to be a war. I was not a fool. No one would strike against such odds if they were not at least confident they could cripple us. It was up to all of us that we show them it had been a mistake to underestimate us. I sent a small prayer to Elune, not at all confident that the sting in my eyes was only sweat.

Xxizz uns'aa sslig'ne udossta lodias

Help me protect our people indeed.
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Re: The hills are alive. (With the sounds of Calael vs. CoF)

Postby Voice Elessar » Fri Jun 20, 2008 3:38 pm

War is over, thread appears to be done.
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