What you will find tomorrow when you login.

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What you will find tomorrow when you login.

Postby SoulDemon » Sat Jul 21, 2007 9:16 pm

When you login tomorrow to create your kingdoms, you will notice a couple different things. The first being, Guilds, Covenant, and Valid are no longer game options that you can create kingdoms in. I'm sure you are asking yourselves what the heck is going on, so here is my long drawn out response.

Eight to Nine years ago when this game was at its peak (14k+ active players), we featured three games. Guilded, Non-Guilded (Solo), and a game called Chaos. Over the years different games have popped up, from Dustin creating a playground with Mo'Pri which evolved to Maxim, to a Christmas game, Speed games, Last Man Standing games to different variation of our guilded games. Its no secret that our playerbase has dwindled over the years. Life happens. Change happens also.

There have been discussions over the past couple of months on how to address various issues and to some degree justification for keeping the games open. Sunny and Gili have debated the life of Covenant and came to the decision to shut it down. Kaz and I have gone back and forth over the Valid and Guilds games and have come to the decision to shut them down as well. We have three different games that have the guild option on it, and each age all three games get smaller and smaller. Over the years I've been given different reasons why people like to play Guilds over Valid, Maxim/Covenant over Guilds, etc. There is no fair way in determining what game stays, what game goes when they are all active. So with that in mind, Kaz and I have decided on a new approach.

When you login tomorrow after we open the games back up you will see a new option, a game called Unity. This game will be the only game which has the guild feature in it for the forseeable future. Kaz has worked really hard on developing this game, and trying to bring a happy medium of some of the features of Guilds, Valid and Covenant into one game. We have made changes to the game races, incorporated Kaz's Ultimabase into the game, made additions to the news system, changed the build rate, made changes to the guild screen and guild privledges system, and will be adding in different features for declaring war.

Some of you have already played Unity in a closed-beta scenerio. Others may be shocked to hear all of this. Whatever the case may be, we hope that everyone will give the game a try and help us develop it by offering suggestions and reporting bugs. All Guilds which were in Guilds, Valid and Covenant are welcome - there is a conversion script that will need to be run in order for you to bring your guild to Unity. There will be information posted on that tomorrow.

I will be archiving the Guilds, Valid, and Covenant message forums tomorrow. The top active threads will be moved into the new "Unity" forum so those roleplaying or posting can continue on doing so. If a thread does not get moved and you want it moved, just ask. Kaz or I will be more then happy to do so. Perhaps in the future all forums will be merged together.

Our overall goal with this is to create a totally new guilded game, not force people to play an existing one that they may not like.


Now for some other game news. Turmoil and Solo have been reset and will open tomorrow like normal. They will run the standard 2 months. Massacre will reset tomorrow (I believe, its on an automatic script) and will be open for playing as well. No changes have been made to these games.


Now for a personal note. For the past ten years this community and game has been constantly evolving. During its peak in the Monarchy days, we offered three games. Guilded, Non-Guilded, Chaos. That was when we had over 14,000 active players. Obviously our playerbase is not that large anymore, and that is one of the reasons we have decided to scale back. We could continue on the same route we have for over a year now, reset the game every two months and ignore the fact that its an old game that has become stale. We could easily just let people grow bored and leave, and when we felt the justification for shutting the game down was there - just do that.

But to me that is a cheap way out. I hold no illusion that we will ever return to the "glory days" of Monarchy, not when our competition for the demographic of players we had is games like WoW, EQ, DAOC and the like. But I also don't want to be this old ass game barely hanging on and wondering every other month if its time to pull the plug or not. I guess to some degree, how you all react to the Unity game will help dictate that thought process.

In any event, before you take a dump on the thought of Unity - give it a try. Give us suggestions that may make it better. If the community was meant to be stale and never-changing, I think we would of died off a long time ago.

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