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Postby Iblade » Mon Aug 15, 2005 11:10 pm

Lord Iblade, once his duties were concluded for the night, decide it was time for some relaxation and mingle with his people.

He walked in and saw that the place was almost deserted and wondered where everyone was..

He walked to the counter and asked for his usual water... and the bartender handed it to him even before the question was asked.

Lord Iblade looked over to a lad who was busy mopping the floor,

Boy, come here Lad... I need you to run some messages for me...

Boy came over and stood in front of him...

Sir, Im afraid my duties wont allow me to...

Lord Iblade smiled and turned to the barkeep,

The barkeep turned pale...

Lad, Do you know who you are talking to? You do whatever this man says.. for he now leads the Ministry....

Lord Iblade held up his hand...

Tis ok goodman, I admire him for keeping to his duties.. and this errand shouldnt take long..

Lord Iblade leaned down.. Take this message to the people of the Ministry.. Tell them Lord Iblade is here and would like for all of them to join him this evenign for some fun and games.

The boy turned and ran off....

Lord Iblade turned to Stonecold... Please pull up a chair and let me buy a round... and see who shows up this night...
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Postby Shayanna » Tue Aug 16, 2005 12:35 am

"Nae ye Eminance.
I be the "Warlady", "The Great One", former Regent of Knights Errant. I do nae frolic have fun and play games. I war.
I battle. I destroy. Tis what I do. I do nae play well with others. Ye can go in me stead. Be me Ambassodor of sorts."

*Ristin thought carefully. Not even he was sure it was a good idea to send Shayanna into a tavern; not even of allies. But then again, she had to get to know them eventually. Better now then discovering their personal character on the battle field. It would be a great opportunity for himself to see how the new fledgeling religion was coming along and what kind of changes he should push for. But protocol was protocol.*

"Great idea Great One.
With me as your representitive, they can get a good idea of your ruthlesness and tactical savy. Hopefully after my first glass of wine I dont pass out."

*Ristin's ploy was working. Shayanna began to imagine Ristin at a bar or tavern. Not a diplomatic social function, but a bar. Where most occupants would be brawling, bragging, drinking, and blatantly making asses of themselves. Clearly Shayanna was the best choice for the gathering.

"Nae that I would make an ass of meself.. And I suppose if I do nae kill anyone." She thought to herself moments later breaking the silence*

"Well what am I to do then? Go, say Hi and sit and be miserable?
What if one of them reminises about the false Gods? They did nae always follow Barnabas ye know. Besides... I barely know them. In a way, I be more of a stranger than an ally. What would i talk about?

"So Shay! Tell us more of Sanguine Fate!" "Hey Shay, I heard ye use to be able to destroy Kings and now ye suck. Is this true?" "Hey Shay, I hear ye think ye better than everyone else, wannae fight?" "I think Isonia would kick Barnabas's ass, dont you Shay?"

That and I can almost assure ye they will call me "Shay".
Tis a given. It must be incredibly hard to pronounce "Shayanna".

"Just be yourself. Maybe they have a Monarchy table."

*Shay looked over at the Monarchy table and thought hard. She had played Ristin many times but he always lost. It was no challenge and therefore no fun. And she HATED Chess*

"Ye think they would let me play with me own pieces?
I had me Griffins crafted from pewter. They very pretty."

"Maybe, only one way to find out."

"I have decided to go.
Let me grab me pieces. Hopefully someone plays."

*Ristin smiled to himself as she left the room with haste. It was just too damned easy sometimes. The only question that proceeded to bother him was can the Warlady manage on her own?*

*Screech touched down lightly on the rocky ground as Shay dismounted and grabed her things*

"Stay here."

*Screech looked at her curiously and cocked his head to the side before taking off in a florish in search for food*

"Dammit Screech!"

*"What else could possibly go wrong?" She thought to herself with a sigh and entered the Hole looking around for a Monarchy table*

Anyone play Monarchy?
I brought me own pieces.
Pardon me common. Tis nae me native language."
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Postby Jyllian di Moonstone » Wed Aug 17, 2005 10:17 am

His new keep had just been finished. As he was flooded with the organisation of the new staff, watching that all went well until all servants found their ways in their new functions.

This was why it had taken some time for the invitation to reach him. He off course didnt know if it had been brought to the wrong desk. Or had simply been laying on a pile of messages for a while. Still the message had finally reached him.

So i'm invited to join the other lords of the Stone into a gathering involving drinking and gathering.

Talking to no one really as he had yet to find a new man servant. Incognito his old servant not having surfaced yet since he had returned.

He wondered if it would fit with all the work he had yet to do. Yet at the same time it would off course be rude not to show and shun his fellow lords, of which he hadn't met many yet.

He frowned again at the loss of Incognito. Beside being his manservant he had also been his spymaster. He was sure that by now he would have gathered for him files on every heathen, and true faith lord of import for him. All miticulously piled with information on their weaknesses and strength. Now he was forced to move blindly and he felt the missing.

Rubbing his chin he thought that a good beer would taste him well right now. And he guessed altho way less precise the gathering would help to get informed about these fellow lords worshiping Barnabas.

That's it, i'm going. I deserve some fun time of.

With that he had his horse saddled and soon drove off towards the gathering place. Wondering on the road if the Warlady would be present. For altho she was of nature a force of chaos her presence seemed to be strangely soothing to him.

Some time after finally arriving at the bar he pushed the door open passing his cloak to the closest servant he could see.

I come as summoned. Where are the drinks !

Chuckling at his own feeling for humor as if he just told a very funny joke.
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Postby Khalil » Sun Aug 21, 2005 9:26 pm

The 'Hole in the Wall'' was an apt, if somewhat unimaginative, title for the recess in the mountain corridor masquerading as an alehouse. Nevertheless, it was a refreshing sight as one of the unusual features inherited from the rule of the zealous, and ultimately tragic, Anne. Now the 'Hole' shakes its musty hide, as a cur would its coat, and assumes all the airs of the Ministry's gathering chamber - its ale laden breath breathing words of welcome, commanding nobleman, Lady and beggar alike to gather around their Lord.

The drow sidled into the 'Hole', unkempt silver-mane framing his dark features. This was his home now, for what it was worth, and he had an interest in the people alongside whom he would fight, eat and, if necessary...die.

Without any introduction, Khalil perched himself, like a shadow, in one of the several stone alcoves. He was content to watch.
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